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Dear Readers…

White that Code -- Susan MeierLast year, I decided to do something a little different for me. I gathered up what I believed to be my best writing advice and tools and self-published a how to write book.

Crack the Code: Craft Your Novel Using Story, Scenes and Words was my first foray into non-fiction, but I’ve been a writing teacher for twenty years. Not in an official school. Mostly, I taught at writers’ conferences and online platforms.

So there are have been two non-fiction books added to the Books Page of susanmeier.com. If you’re someone who aspires to be an author or somehow who’s beginning to consider penning a novel or two, this book could save you years of trial and error.

Even better there’s a link to a free workshop: This is the Year You Write That Book!

Download your free workshop and check out Crack the Code: Craft Your Novel Using Story, Scenes and Words.

Crack the Code -- Susan MeierOn the personal side of life…

If you heard something that sounded like a starting pistol and a loud groan a few weeks ago, that was the official start of the Meier family updating their thirty-year-old house.

It all began when I realized the commode in the primary bathroom was thirty-year-old, yet it still ran like a champ. And guess what? I jinxed it. It started leaking about a week later. Then the dishwasher went wonky. Then we decided my office should be a dining room and the living room needed a full-blown makeover.

So…In a few weeks contractors will be here to redo the primary bath and create a walk-in closet. After that, the second upstairs bathroom gets redone. Then we move downstairs to the former office/future dining room. Then it’s onto the living room.

By September, we envision ourselves broke and tired.

If you enjoy whining or someone trying to make lemons out of lemonade, go to my Facebook page, where I’ll keep you updated!

If you’re interested in Crack the Code: Craft Your Novel Using Story, Scenes and Words, then go to the new susanmeier.com page and check it out, as well as the freebie, This is the Year You Write That Book!

Here’s to a summer filled with great books…


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