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My wonderful friends and readers…

As most of you are aware, my son Michael died unexpectedly in January. He’d lived with epilepsy since he was three and he’d spent more than his fair share of time in hospitals. So, we genuinely believed he’d wake up from his seizure, get his meds adjusted and come home with us. We were devastated when he didn’t.

I’d agreed to be part of the Paradise Key continuity long before Mikie got sick and found myself writing a book about a heroine who hadn’t just lost a childhood friend; she’d also lost her mom and grandfather at a very young age. The hero, Paxton, had lost his wife.

In a book with a hero and heroine who’d suffered so many tragic deaths, I managed to find a funny side to the story. I certainly don’t laugh at death, but at the fact that life goes on. Sometimes clumsily. Sometimes sadly. But always real. Challenging. Heartbreaking.

My son was a good person. He’d accepted his illness and all the problems associated with being disabled. And he always managed to be funny.

At the time of the book’s writing, I found it too difficult to dedicate it to him. So, I’m letting you know here that he was my inspiration. He was and always will be in my heart and in the part of me that clings to the idea that laughter really is the best medicine.

Thank you for being my friends and readers.


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