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Dear Readers

We’re on book three in the Missing Hinton Heirs series, the ending that caps the stories of the three Hinton Heirs in spectacular fashion.

The first heir, Leni Long, is sweet, and the kind of person we’d all like to see become a billionaire overnight! Her hero, Nick, had suffered an overwhelming tragedy and he wears the guilt like a cloak. Only Leni brings him out of his shell, but his attraction to her also awakens a great longing for a special someone in his life – but Leni is so special he doesn’t feel it’s right to burden her with his grief. CINDERELLA’S BILLION DOLLAR CHRISTMAS is a warm, wonderful Christmas story, filled with love and joy.

In THE BODYGUARD AND THE HEIRESS, the second missing Hinton heir, Charlotte Fillion, is a tough-as-nails Vice President in a development company who wantsno part of the father who’d abandoned her. Even as you fall in love with Charlotte’s spunk, charisma and sense of humor, Jace MacDonald, security specialist and bodyguard will make your heart skip a beat. Toss in a visit to his family home in Scotland and some time babysitting rock stars and THE BODYGUARD AND THE HEIRESS is a fun, sexy story that will make you laugh and root for this couple to realize what they feel is real.

And that takes us to the third heir, Danny Manelli. Danny’s been in all three stories because he’s the lawyer for the estate. In HIRED BY THE UNEXPECTED BILLIONAIRE, when he is told he’s the third heir, he feels manipulated by his absentee father who also isn’t dead. He faked his death to get his kids together. But just when you think the stories can’t get any richer or twisty, his heroine Marnie has a secret that threatens not just her growing love for Danny…but the quiet life she’s built for herself.

The MISSING HINTON HEIRS series was probably my most fun series to write. If you missed the first two books, they are always available online and links are on the Books Page of the site.


These are three great books to take to your back porch for a few afternoons of fun that will touch your heart.

Happy Reading

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