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May 2021



Tuscan Summer with the Billionaire


I’ve been busy writing a new series and a Christmas continuity for Harlequin, as well as a non-fiction how-to-write book based on three of my best workshops.I’ve also been working onthree new workshops for a four-hour intensive session (Finessing Fundamentals to Make Your Book Fantastic) for Pennwriters’ virtual conference…for which I will also be the keynote speaker. (See new tab…Pennwriters Conference Info.)


I’m exhausted! LOL


Just kidding!

I’ve created a new page for this website with all the information on the conference. I’m sure attendance will be limited. So, if you’re interested in hearing me talk about my thirty-plus year writing career and getting the inside scoop on some of the great tricks and tips I’ve learned, go to the tab for registration links and information about the workshops and the keynote I’ll be presenting.

The four-hour intensive on May 13 is separate from the actual conference and you may be able to attend that alone and not have to register for the entire conference. But I’ve got to tell you, the keynote is worth the price of admission. LOL


Here’s the direct link.

The new series, A Billion-Dollar Family Trilogy, follows three friends who sell their holding company for billions so they can go their separate ways and live the lives they want. But they quickly find out in book one that they aren’t meant for sitting around doing nothing. LOL The first book, Tuscan Summer with the Billionaire, (release date May 25) is Trace Jackson’s story. Trace realizes before anyone else that he needs to do more than hang out and enjoy life, and he buys a vineyard in Italy. Unfortunately, the vintner’s daughter, also the vineyard’s general manager, Marcia hadn’t realized her family business was being sold out from under her. She agrees to continue working for Trace but on her terms. The spunky Italian businesswoman and the American billionaire are oil and water until they band together to help her father find a new vineyard. Love finds them easily, but can they both move beyond the pains of their pasts to have a real happily ever after?

The Tuscan setting is gorgeous. Trace is a swoon-worthy hero and Marcia is the kind of heroine we all wish we could be. I’m sure you will love Tuscan Summer with the Billionaire.
Hope to “see” you at Pennwriters’ Virtual Conference! Remember, click the Pennwriters Conference Info tab for information about the conference and the four-hour intensive.

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