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Carry the Billionaire's Daughter -- Susan MeierCarrying the Billionaire’s Baby is the first book in the Manhattan Babies mini-series. The series tells the story of the three McCallan children, Jake, Seth and Sabrina. Raised in the lap of luxury, they were supposed to be a privileged generation – except their father was emotionally abusive. Their mom did her best to stand up for them, but now adults, they know their difficult childhood scarred them and genuinely believe they will never be able to fall in love, let alone be good parents.

Jake is the first tofall. Almost immediately after his father’s death, Avery Novak, a woman with whom he’d had a three-week affair, tells him she’s pregnant. The catch: she doesn’t want him to be involved in their child’s life. Jake’s not sure he’s father material, but he can’t walk away. Especially not knowing how important a father’s love is.

These two opposites can’t even agree on visitation terms. It has to be farfetched to even consider they might be each other’s perfect mate. But something –  maybe luck, maybe a physical attraction that just won’t quit –  is about to show them they’re all wrong about the traits they believe are necessary for a perfect match.

Next up is Seth who finds himself falling for his best friend’s widow and her adorable three-month-old baby in A DIAMOND FOR THE SINGLE MUM.You don’t want to miss Seth’s emotional struggle as he not only falls for a woman who should be off limits, but he also faces his past.

Book three is Sabrina’s story…pregnant by a temperamental artist she is positive is her soulmate, she’s shocked when she begins falling for Seth’s friend Trent, a reclusive billionaire.

Filled with lush trips to Europe, cocktails parties and charity balls, the Manhattan Babies books will sweep you into the glittering world of the rich in the financial capital of the world, New York City.

I hope you enjoy all three books.

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